Shoot film, make music, explode

We are passionate about health. That’s one of the reasons we are so excited about collaborations like this one. AO Performance is the absolute top of their class when it comes to athletic performance optimization. Working with numerous NHL ice-hockey players and world class alpine skiers, they leave nothing to chance. With deep understanding of human bio-mechanics, nutrition and rest, they enable athletes to perform better and live powerful, healthy lives. An online training course on the horizon.

While we spend most of our time developing virtual reality, we do appreciate the opportunity to roll up our sleeves for some live action. 

Spending some time in Ableton Live to set up a beat and play some synthesizers is pure enjoyment. The power of making music and editing in parallel gives a huge creative freedom.

After all, holistic and multidisciplinary is the nature of Life. Thanks to AO Performance and everybody involved in this production. And please, check out the promo-video below!

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