Article: Digital Nomad

We are happy to tell that WATF CEO Mattias was recently interviewed by Natalie Soysa on Digital Nomadism. Here is an excerpt of the article:

“Digital Nomad , a fairly new concept but have already been the choice of many people around the world. Sri Lanka is a well known tourist destination which has been loved by many travelers globally. There is always a point where these two meet and intersect. A collaborative Partner of LiveRoom Mattias Söderholm is not a stranger to the concept of Digital Nomad-ism. Together with Best of Sri Lanka in Sweden, we took the initiative in decoding the lifestyle of Mattias as a Digital Nomad and his experience working with tech companies here in Sri Lanka. The attempt here is to promote the lovely island of Sri Lanka as a travel destination for digital nomads. Give it a read!


Full article

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