Artist Jakob Ardmar joins W.A.T.F.

The evolution of collaboration is an interesting one.

“Jakob is one of those few people with a special relationship to the Cosmos  and the ability to translate that vibration into art and music for us other humans to experience.”, says WATF CEO Mattias Söderholm with a smile.

“Jakob and me first met at Domen Art School in Gothenburg and it was an instant match. I was really impressed by his talent and we became good friends. I had exited my  VFX-company the year before and I guess Jakob was fed up with the music industry and was looking for ways to transform his artistic skills into something he could work with. And we were the only ones that combined Art and MMA”

“After I finished art school I started working for Sensavis  and moved up to Stockholm. We got contracted to make lots of 3D-graphics for the Swedish Pavilion at the World Exhibition in Shanghai 2010. I didn’t want to use that dusty old NASA-map that everyone has seen before. The idea came up to find an artist to make a hand-painted globe. I called up Jakob and sent him some ideas. He came back with some amazingly beautiful concepts. He ended up getting hired by Sensavis as a concept- and texture artist, but he quickly evolved into a full-blown digital sculptor . We later got back together on the Virtual Operating Room at ScioReality. I am simply a huge fan of his digital sculpture and music.”

In 2011 we worked together at Sensavis. This image is from a 3D-production for Vitrolife.

Stay tuned /// WeAreTheFractals

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